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What is positive self-talk?
Positive self-talk uses repetition to wire positive new programs into the brain, by listening to them daily, in the same way, the brain was designed to be programmed in the first place.

In Self-Talk Plus+ CLASSROOMS of the MIND™, each listening session consists of specially-worded self-talk messages, which are repeated in a precise way. With repetition, these self-talk messages ‘wire’ word-for-word positive new attitudes, choices, and actions into your brain. Positive self-talk, practiced in this way, rewires the brain for success, in each area of your life.


How long does it take to notice the positive effects of listening to self-talk?
Although it usually takes a minimum of two to three weeks to begin to form new programs in the brain, you can expect to notice a difference in your attitude almost immediately, and changes in how you’re thinking in even a few days of listening. The longer you listen, the more ‘permanent’ the new programs become.


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