Smart Ideas To Immediately Start
Profiting From Projects:

+Brand the eBooks, Videos, and Audios and sell them.
+Educate your clients, web visitors and blog subscribers.
+Create webinars using the videos.
+Create an entire site with all the content or mix it up to create loads of unique content.
+Use them as offline home study courses or seminars.
+Use them as online training or online seminars or webinars,Create a coaching program – Use the contents as part of your curriculum.
+Split into 52 Parts, giving you a years worth of content, delivered once a week.
+Add the content to a paid membership site, to retain active paying members.
+Re-purpose the Ebook content into audio or video format.
+Use these products to train your outsourced staff.
+Sell the ebooks and the packages individually.
+Use audio voiceover files to create podcasts, or make more videos.
+Bundle similar video tutorials together to create a new unique product.
+Create a Fixed Term Membership Site (FTM) and supply products on a monthly basis.