Total Self confidence

I Am Successful—I Have The Ability To Do Whatever It Takes To Succeed, And Support All Those Whom I Love.

I Enjoyed Life`s Challenges, And I Learn From Everything That Happens In My Life.

I Live Each Day With Passion And Power.

I Feel Strong And Powerful, Happy And Excited.

I Have Tremendous Confidence In My Talents And Abilities.

I Meet Every Situation Knowing That I Am Its Master.

I Have Respect For Myself And For Everyone I Meet Each Day.

I Am Committed To Perform With Excellence In All That I Do.

I Forgive Myself And Others Easily.

I Am Aware Of The Priceless Value Of My Life And The Lives Of Everyone I Meet.

My Conference Is Unshakable Because I Live With Integrity.

I Am Always At Peace Because I Trust And Follow My Internal Guidance.